Why visit Bulgaria

Many questions because people don't know Bulgaria! What is Bulgaria country famous for? Is Bulgaria a safe country to visit? Is Bulgaria in Europe?.........

Bulgaria is amazing emerging destination. So why visit Bulgaria?

From incredible landscapes to old cities, from important archaeological sites to prestigious museums, from hospitable people to delicious food, – Bulgaria has it all!

It’s one of these countries where, within a short span of time, you can swim in the Black Sea, go skiing in one of the many national parks such as Rila or Pirin (in the Balkan mountains) and in between enjoy bustling city life in the capital Sofia or Varna.

There are so many reasons why Bulgaria is among our favorite countries and why you should visit Bulgaria too with us.

Browse our gallery with the beautiful photos of our friend Tihomir Vitanov© and you just have to contact us to plan your tour to discover this wonderful Bulgaria!