In the Footsteps of Alexander the Great

A trip to Macedonia is not the first idea you think, especially for a holiday in Greece where the first thought runs to the renowned beaches of islands such as Santorini or Mikonos….

Macedonia Isn’t overrun with tourists yet. Is still a sort of “hidden gem” where you can find absolutely everything a tourist could want, from wild natura to mediterranean lakes, from art and archeology to history to food and wine. Except for the area of the cities of Skopje and Thessaloniki, there are many villages that don't see hordes of travelers, have retained their local culture, and offer a more laid-back look at life.

Macedonia is full of amazing Churches and Monasteries!

What’s really wonderful about all of the churches and monasteries in Macedonia is that many if not most of them were intentionally built in unique and beautiful spots in the natural landscape. Visiting monasteries is that you get to experience the unique and diverse natural beauty of Macedonia alongside the beauty of the churches themselves!

Even from photos alone our friend Tihomir Vitanov©, Macedonia are easy to fall in love with!
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