Discover Lake Garda

Abruzzo and Molise

Visit Abruzzo and Molise to share our love and experience with us of this regions where you can find mountains and sea, stunning nature (3 National Park and many protected areas) incredible old villages, ancient festivals, delicious food – all within a tiny geographical area. Unlike most other parts of Italy, here you can still find life as it used to be, unchanged for centuries.

Zanetti Viaggi has focused on the development of slow tourism scattered hotels, food tours, farm stays, cultural visits, hiking and biking… Abruzzo and Molise the ideal place for your active and dynamic holiday in all seasons of the year!

Lose yourself in the beauty of Abruzzo and Molise with the photos our friends (Ivano d’Ortenzio© Abruzzo - Daniele Colacelli© Molise) and then contact us to plan your tour.